Kevin Alter fell into drugs when he was only 17. His journey downhill began during his high school years on Long Island when he and his friends got some cocaine. He couldn’t stop the first time he tried it and spent the majority of the next 12 years homeless and in and out of addiction. Now 31, Alter has been sober for 3 years and is running "The Addict's Diary," a blog where others are sharing their own substance abuse and recovery stories.

Many prisons around the world get a bad rep for having (and fostering) a brutal environment inside and further crime outside its confines. I get it, prison shouldn’t be a nice or fun place. However, it doesn’t mean that it should also actively fail in its main goal of correcting criminal behavior by making inmate life—and the lives of their loved ones—a living hell.

As the holiday shopping session kicks in, now is the perfect time to be pondering about presents. Don't worry, though, we won't suggest any real presents, just a few funny empty boxes you can put your presents in.