Most likely all of us have been in a situation where we helped a stranger without even thinking about it. Whether it would be helping an old lady across the street, a mother of 2 struggling to carry her groceries into the car or maybe you didn't assist a human at all and rather helped a distressed animal to safety. All these little acts of kindness deserve admiration but usually go unnoticed.

"Instead of recognizing my anxiety and trying to overcome it, I'd thought there must be something that separated me from other girls. Reading 'me vs. other girls' comics online validated those negative feelings and stereotypes I had towards other girls, and made me feel like it was the 'cool' thing to do."

A lot of people feel a little bit uneasy when going downstairs to their basement or other spaces underneath the house. And it sure is understandable - after all, it's not really that uncommon to feel tense when going into relatively small and dark space. Well, that isn't the case for everyone though.

Just a few month ago we found out who the best Wildlife Photographer of the year 2019 was and promptly congratulated Yongqing Bao with a well-deserved win. This time, the deciding factor is people and their votes.