Trevor Lahey, AKA Greaseball1987, is one Certified Caulk Installer with a wicked sense of humor. His parody Instagram account, which gives little other information save for his hourly rate ($17.40/hour non-negotiable, if you must know), is a collection of hilariously bad construction and DIY jobs over which he writes deadpan captions.

You know how sometimes it seems like there's a voice inside your head, telling you things and inspiring ideas that don't seem to come from your own brain? I used to think a lot about it, and last year I started to make a comic series with these "voices", which I turned into 3 ghosts with different personalities.

Thinking outside the box is a quality well appreciated nowadays and while it may seem to be harder and harder every day to come up with something worthwhile, some people constantly have their heads spinning around something unheard of. Or maybe these "eureka" moments are all shower thoughts for all that we know. All jokes aside, these two people on Tumblr came up with a simple yet genius idea of how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Some people swear by things they picked up at school or university, others rely on the opinions of experts, while there are also some who get their intake of facts from the World Wide Web. And while some of the sources might seem more reliable than others, it's not uncommon that all of them might be incorrect sometimes. There are plenty of scientific theories that have been proven wrong, so things that you've heard from 3 friends and aunt and your grandma can definitely be wrong.