Unusual animal friendships are perfect proof that love knows no boundaries. And these two know it. Nova the German Shepherd and Pacco the ferret have been crazy about each other since day one. Their owner, Diana Grib, said they're living together as if they don't know they're different.

One way to prove a point to your significant other is to start an Instagram account, make it go viral and have thousands of people agreeing with you. That's exactly what London blogger Olivia Jackson did, starting the page @clothesmyboyfriendhates, with over 60K followers loving the outfits she wears that her boyfriend just can't stand.

One dog owner decided to prank his good bois but they were the ones having the last laugh. At first, Max the German Shepherd and Murphy the Golden Retriever were a bit anxious to see their owner "fainted," but that didn't last long. The duo began devising a plan of how to help their human, Brian, and let's just say that they get the job done.

The revenge of the nerds is almost complete. What began in the 80s, with the guys from the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity showing up the jocks for the dull, boring characters that they truly are, has now morphed into a full-blown cultural revolution. Now, it's the alpha males who are struggling to find dates. 

It all started in 2008, when Sasha Pesic was returning to his home in the Serbian city of Nis after a long day, and happened to meet four abandoned puppies along the way. The scene moved him to such an extent that even without financial conditions, he began a plan to help them. This small display of love, dedication and solidarity started something that eventually made him one of the leading defenders of animals in Serbia.