Dog pics go viral all the time – people simply love all things canine. This one, however, was as poignant as it was adorable. Tennessee pastry chef Bree Wiseman uploaded a pic of her dog sitting obediently next to his favorite food and used it to make a powerful statement about victim-blaming, something that is sadly still rife in modern society.

With the help of her mother Judite Barros, Maria Eduarda from Brazil, known as Duda’s Universe on social media, has been turning into adorable tiny versions of our favorite pop culture icons. They have created over 120 unforgettable looks.

There's more to a person than their looks. Or their smell. However, the little ones might not know this yet. So, Singaporean dad, Calvin Soh explained how to answer kids if they complain about a migrant worker who has an unpleasant body odor.